How to Destroy Hard Drives the Extreme Way!

http://www.ics-america.com/destroy-hard-drives-healthcare/ How to Destroy Hard Drives the Extreme Way! How Do You Destroy Your Old Hard Drives? At Innovative Computer Systems we go to extremes to ensure your your sensitive data will never fall into the wrong hands, and our clients had fun doing it! As a Managed IT Services Provider for Healthcare in NJ, NY and PA, we understand the importance of protecting your patient health records and ensuring patient confidentiality. Every day thousands of patient health records are compromised by weak security and misguided business technology practices. Did you know that old office copier or fax machine that you’re planning to replace probably contains a hard drive with hundreds or thousands of your patient health records and images stored on it? If not, you’re not alone. Practice administrators are experts in patient care, medical billing, and staffing but rely on a technology arm like Innovative Computer Systems to keep them apprised of these important facts to protect their practice and patients. One of the many requirements for the Meaningful Use Security Risk Analysis Objective, in addition to encrypting all desktop and laptop hard drives, is permanently destroying old computer, server, and copier hard drives after those devices have been decommissioned from your network. Many people think that low level formatting or smashing a hard drive with a hammer is sufficient, but what they often don’t realize is that there are many data recovery techniques that can recover ePHI (electronic Protected Health Information) if the magnetic platters contained inside the drives aren’t permanently destroyed. At Innovative Computer Systems, we offer an affordable hard drive destruction service to all of our contract clients. Included in this service is taking a before and after photograph of [...]

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