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With family visiting from all over the world we understand you and your group may enjoy a cigar or cigarette. For those people wishing to smoke we have a designated area outside with proper cigar or cigarette disposal to keep your area clean.

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Can I bring my own firearm to the course?

Yes. All students are encouraged to bring their own firearms to the course as well as factory ammo to shoot during the live fire portion. Be sure to transport your firearm in accordance to NJ State law. For a full set of NJ Transportation Laws click here. Email or call with any questions.

Can I shoot rifles and shotguns at your range? What kind of ammunition is allowed?

Yes. We allow rifles under .50 calibers. We do not allow ammunition that is steel core, armor piercing, tracer, incendiary, or bi-metal jacketed. Shotguns are allowed, with the exception of "shotguns without stocks" or "stockless shotguns". This ensures that all shotguns are shoulder-fired in the range. However the shotgun rounds must be at least buckshot or slugs. No birdshot / target loads. We ask that you inform our range staff that you intend on shooting a rifle or shotgun prior to entering the range so that they may verify your ammunition is appropriate for use on our range. Note: We do not allow pistol grip shotguns in our range. All long guns must be fired from the shoulder.

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I am from a different state/country. Can I still shoot at your range?

If you come with a friend, a valid photo ID such as a driver's license, passport, or Government issued photo identification card. If you come alone, you need prove you are Active or Retired LEO plus bring your own firearms. Have your own guns with you and want to try a few of our rentals? You are welcome to do so. Please Note: Shooters who rent firearms must be in a group of 2 or more. No single, out of state shooters will be allowed to rent firearms unless they are Active or Retired LEO with their own firearms in their possession.

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