From the start, you walk in to a clean and welcoming environment to two of the staff greeting you. Right off the bat, you are asked if you have been to the range before. After explaining that my girlfriend and I have not been there before, they gave us all the paperwork to fill out and directed us to the class room to fill it out. At this point, we were greeted by a incredibly nice man named Anthony, who we later find out is the owner. We head back to the rental counter, pick out the firearms we would be using for the day and ammo, where Ishamel was more than happy to assist us. Lastly, we headed into the range where Roger walked us through how to handle and fire the Glock we rented, John and John C. gave us shooting stance advice and Henry set us up with the M4. By the end of the day, we were grouping shots rather well. Overall, the experience was enjoyable and safe. If you’ve never handled a firearm and want to, or if you are an experienced shooter and are looking for a range. Come here. And as Anthony said to everyone who came in for the first time that day “Welcome to the family.”