I’ve been taking Gun For Hire classes before they even had their own range. I feel like I’ve watched Anthony’s empire grow from an infant to a teenager and soon an amazingly successful adult (after the opening of Mt Gunmore!). Anthony has been beyond gracious to SAW (second Amendment women)! The comfort level at Gun For Hire surpasses any other range that I have been to. I’ve dropped in with my family just to say “Hi”. In my first Gun For Hire class over 8 years ago, I heard Anthony say “Welcome to the family” for the first time. He’s not kidding; it’s a family, and you will certainly feel welcome! Thank you for the services that you provide the community, state and even nation (with your podcast). You have truly made a difference in my life. There is nothing more important than knowing how to keep your family safe and having a great place to prepare and train for such circumstances. If there were an option to add additional stars, I would!