Another Major Award! Pay it forward!Mayor Keith Kazmark lauded the prevention, awareness and education efforts of the Woodland Park Stigma Free Task Force, the Woodland Park Municipal Alliance Against Alcoholism and Drug Abuse and Anthony Colandro – Gun For Hire, LLC/Woodland Park Range.


WOODLAND PARK, NJ – At the Sept. 19 meeting, Mayor Keith Kazmark and the Borough Council issued two proclamations relating to addiction/suicide prevention and mental illness awareness.

Following two suicides in 2016 in town, the Woodland Park Stigma Free Task Force was formed and since, its members have worked to educate, raise awareness on addiction, mental health stigmas, bullying and other topics. The Task Force works in tandem with the Municipal Alliance Against Alcoholism and Drug Abuse as well as the Woodland Park Police Department. Mayor Kazmark commended these three entities in honor of Addiction and Suicide Prevention and Mental Illness Awareness Month for their efforts within the Borough.

“I am honored and privileged to be a part of a task force that is going such important work,” said Linda Hoffmann, Alfred Baumann Library Director and a founder of the WP Stigma Free Task Force. “Mental health awareness is so important. Statistics say one in four (people suffer from a mental health issue)? I think everyone in this room can speak to this issue.”

Hoffman noted that the task force works to inform and educate all sectors of the community but it is especially working to reach children early.

Mayor Kazmark noted that every citizen and community organization can make a difference in helping end the silence and stigma that discourages people from getting help. He personally requests that all Borough residents and businesses support the efforts of the Municipal Alliance, the Stigma Free Task Force and the Woodland Park Police.

Also honored at the meeting was Anthony Colandro, owner of Gun For Hire/Woodland Park Range, for his commitment to the Stigma Free Task Force. Colandro, also a founding member of the group, was lauded by Mayor Kazmark for his generosity and continued support. Colandro has provided funding for the Stigma Free large green banners placed throughout the Borough and at Passaic Valley High School; lanyards for all students and staff at PV, Borough Hall, the Woodland Park School District and the Library; the printing of “Proud to be Stigma-Free” brochures; vehicle decals; and the creation of a Stigma Free website.Colandro also provided funds to enable all Stigma Free Task Force members and other municipal employees to receive Mental Health First Aid Training and Certification classes.