Attention Home Invaders, Carjackers, Gang Members… Thinking about a working vacation? Why not visit New Jersey this summer? Our sandy beaches are inviting… A perfect place to let the family scavenger hunt for discarded syringes— while you ply your trade in peace and comfort. Worried about getting shot by your victim while robing, raping and pillaging? No problem. We’ve got laws against that. In New Jersey, law-abiding citizens are required to run and cower, when you kick in their door. And if they try to harm you in any way, we’ll arrest and prosecute them on you’re behalf. Plus, if you’re injured while committing a crime, New Jersey law allows you to sue the your victim in court and take whatever they’ve got left. And in the rare case you’re apprehended by police while committing your crime—New Jersey’s famous Catch and Release Policy guarantees you’ll be back with your homies in time for dinner. What other state give you that kind of freedom? And here’s the best part… New Jersey has over 9-million victims, just waiting for you. And with only 1900 carry permits, you’re more likely to be struck by lightening then encounter a law-abiding, armed citizen, here in the Garden State. Heck… we’re even making it illegal for our citizens to own plastic toy guns. In the mood for adventure? Head to Atlantic City— where we make it easy for you to rob and kill tourists in the comfort of our climate-controlled, indoor parking lots… then head inside to the casino, where you can parlay your winnings into a jackpot. There’s even free booze! And don’t forget the Wildwoods… famous beaches and boardwalk…where clueless, Canadian tourists gather in large numbers—for your entertainment and profit. Fleece a few… while your kids enjoy the famous boardwalk fries, cotton candy or ride the Ferris wheel. And if you’re new to the game, or just want to sharpen your skills… New Jersey cities offer a great opportunity to meet fellow criminals, and gain valuable professional experience… in a crime-friendly environment. Plan your trip around any of our thousands of state political fundraisers, and learn from the pros! Bring the gang. Wear your colors with pride. New Jersey’s open for business!Chosen by 18 of the nineteen, 9-11 Hijackers as, “the perfect place to hide out!” New Jersey. The criminal’s paradise… “Come see for yourself!”