Pro-2A candidate for U.S. Congress, Anna Little (6th District NJ) who is poised to unseat anti-gun Congress-critter, Frank-I-Never-Met-A-Gun-Ban-I-Didn’t-Support-Pallone, joins the boys to discuss the second amendment, and New Jersey.Frank Pallone (whose name in the Italian language, as Anthony points out, coincidently translates to “bag of hot air”) has been Nancy Pelosi’s right-hand lackey, and an aggressively vocal anti-gun legislator whose time reign of power is running out.Anna Little is truly a little dynamo— a mother of three, a small business owner, attorney, avid shooter, and outspoken defender of the second amendment.And it looks like, for the first time in 50 years, New Jersey gun owners have a real chance at regaining their voice in Washington. Hear what this amazing woman has to say.And in this week’s learning segment, Anthony talks with Gun For Hire Radio sponsor, Nick Concilio, owner of Buy Rite overhead doors about some really cool, new, high-tech ways to keep bad guys from invading your home and business.