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Vote Colandro for NRA Board!
Running on the Antagonist Platform!

Please note I was NOT nominated to run by the NRA! I am running for the people and by the people as an independent, with ties to no one. If elected, I will represent the 1 Million New Jersey gun owners as well as all of the other battle ground states. It is time to do things differently. Vote for me and see.

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An antagonist “opponent, competitor, enemy, rival”, from anti- “against” is a character, that represents the opposition against which the protagonist must contend. In other words, an antagonist is a person who opposes status quo in this case.


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CEO & Capitalist Marksman of Gun For Hire, New Jersey’s First Five Star Range and Training Facility
Host of Gun For Hire Radio, New Jersey’s first and only Pro-Gun show. The Voice of 1 Million NJ gun owners!

Leadership & Credentials

  • NRA Master Training Counselor – All Disciplines
  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
  • NRA Law Enforcement Instructor Handgun
  • NRA Law Enforcement Instructor Shotgun
  • NRA Benefactor Life Member
  • NRA Ring of Freedom Member
  • NRA Heritage Society Member
  • NRA Election Volunteer Coordinator – Congressional District Eight N.J.
  • NRA Education and Training Committee Member
  • Executive Vice President – Assn. of N.J. Rifle and Pistol Clubs
  • Board Member – New Jersey Second Amendment Society
  • Regional Training Counselor – NRA Refuse to be a Victim Program
  • PPCI Certified Handcuff, Baton, OC Instructor
  • N.J. Division of Criminal Justice Certified Firearms Instructor
  • Sabre Civilian Mace Instructor
  • Graduate – Lethal Force Institute and M.A.G. Group
  • Life Member – Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
  • Life Member – Assn. of N.J. Rifle and Pistol Clubs
  • Life Member – Gun Owners of America
  • NRA Whittington Center Trailblazer # 353
  • Member – National Shooting Sports Foundation
  • Member – Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network
  • Member – Amateur Trapshooting Association
  • Member –
  • Member – National Muzzle Loading Rifle & Pistol Association
  • Member – Second Amendment Foundation Defenders Club
  • Possesses Carry Permits in Eight States, Including New Jersey



  • ASSN of NJ Rifle & Pistol Clubs
  • New Jersey Second Amendment Society
  • Ammoland
  • Evan Nappan Esq.
  • Jews for the Preservation Of Firearms Ownership
  • Golani Rifle and Pistol Club
  • Chris Knox