Exclusive Pistol Courses from Gun For Hire

FSP 4 - Novice Pistol Courses

Gun For Hire offers the best pistol and firearms courses in New Jersey, from NRA basic pistol to advanced courses created by Gun For Hire’s top instructors. The basic pistol courses are a great way for anyone to be introduced to the world of firearms. The NRA First Steps Pistol course is perfect for anyone that is…

    • Looking to purchase a new gun
    • Not sure what gun to purchase
    • Never shot a gun before
    • Shot just a few times and not feeling very comfortable

The advanced courses which are created by New Jersey’s Finest State Troopers and Law Enforcement (which just happen to also be Gun For Hire instructors). These courses will give ANY novice or expert an explosive amount of education, fun, and excitement. Just some of the drills will be… Low-Light/No-Light Shooting from cover Shooting while moving quickly Shooting from a vehicle and many more! The instructors also seem to throw in a few new surprise drills each time they instruct a new class. I guess this is why we see a lot of our students repeating classes all the time. If you have any question on any of our courses, feel free to call or just come down to our headquarters at Woodland Park Range. There is always an instructor that can help you determine the right course for you.