HOW ONE JERSEY GUY BREAKS STEREOTYPES ON GUNS IN A DEEP BLUE STATE Recently, I wrote for the New York Post about an experience at a local gun range in my home state of New Jersey. In the piece, I noted the diverse participants learning with me in a class on basic pistol safety and classes. I am a stay-at-home mother, and in the class alongside me were three men interested in becoming law enforcement officers and an optometrist. Walking into the range, I noticed men, women, teens and even children walking around ready to shoot. This is not your average shooting range, which, I learned, is due to the fact that its owner is anything but average. Anthony Colandro is a 6-foot-2-inch, 230-pound Italian-American. So far, he fits the profile for a gun enthusiast, but his physical attributes are where it ends. Colandro doesn’t consider himself a Republican or a Democrat, but a political free agent. He’s a self-described health nut, dedicated to maintaining good nutrition and rigorous exercise. Colandro’s determination in the gym and in the kitchen has helped him lose over 160 pounds while also working through a painful divorce. That same determination helped him open a gun range in Northern New Jersey, one of the bluest parts of the country. Colandro started his own business as a firearms trainer in 1992 after receiving certification from the National Rifle Association. He would travel around the tri-state area, training people in the safe use of guns from as far south as Philadelphia to as far north as Westchester. In that time, he became familiar with every single gun range in the area, its positive attributes and, in his mind, many of the negatives. [...]

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Gun For Hire… The Family Friendly Shooting Range When you think of the shooting range,  you don’t usually associate it with family friendly environment. Firearm ownership within the typical society is often associated with the stereotypical cliche of wearing head to toe camouflage, driving a pick up truck, and chewing tobacco. One misconception that many share about firearms is that if its not in a James Bond movie or on law enforcement, then it’s being used to hunt or commit a crime. Gun advocate and range owner Anthony Colandro wants to tackle these misconceptions and firearm stereotypes head on. Colandro wants shooting to be a universal family experience, one that you can share with anyone including your wife & kids. His establishment Gun For Hire is  sorta like the bowling alley or ice skating rink of shooting ranges. It’s a family affair. Gun For Hire is located in northern New Jersey. With the strict gun laws of the NJ state, it’s pretty much the only facility of its kind in the area. You can shoot there without a firearm owner’s permit. They have all the supplies you need to get started, just as a bowling alley provides bowling balls and shoes for you. Gun For Hire has over 120 guns readily available in all varieties for aspiring shooters to try. The facility features 19 indoor ports, state of the art targeting systems, & over 90 training courses.   Q&A with Anthony Colandro What was your inspiration behind Gun For Hire? My inspiration was to build a gun range & training facility that was like no other gun range or training facility in the country. It was to be family and female friendly. A place where people can come feel comfortable… [...]

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