Wow, just wow!

No matter your view on guns, they accept everyone here.  They make the whole process so easy, and safe.

I was always for 2A, I just never wanted to own or fire a gun.  That changed at a bachelor party a few years ago.  The range officer gave us a quick safety spiel, and made sure that we followed it.  This changed my mind on guns.

Fast forward to today, I am a proud member of this gun range!  I go once ish a month.

They take safety very seriously!  From locking up the gun case to double doors into the range, and at least 1+ range officer onsite at all times.

Last Feb, I did my multi state CCW here, and im finally certified in 6 states!

I am also a member of several national gun organizations, and look forward to doing some training and certification here soon.

All in all a fantastic place!