Happy Thanksgiving

I decided to spend an hour sighting in a new 300 BLK upper with a newly mounted 1-6 riflescope on BLK Friday
I was glad the 50yd range was wide open and I came down
this would be timely and allow me to try out this light rifle on 2 upcoming hunts

Still a little foggy from Turkey yesterday,  i neglected to bring a BCG and Charging handle in my bag and had to pirate one off another rifle which was in my truck safe.  Once i retrieved it I immediately ran into an issue with functionality of the weapon with the bolt locking up and the ever scary “click”

Jimmy Grammenos offered to help and quickly diagnosed the problem as an out of spec Cam pin in the BCG which we verified with another BCG and swapping out some parts between the 2
He was kind enough to swap the part out and get my 300 BLK running so i could sight it efficiently in for this weekend
i then proceeded to make sure my duty rifle also functioned fine with the replaced part in the BCG which it did

my next agenda item was to try to figure out a problem with an NPAP AK 47 which has not functioned properly since purchased on several occasions and has been looked at by a couple of friends who are firearms instructors with some basic maneuvers tried to remedy the issue.
i loaded a magazine and once again had problems – since Jimmy was so helpful and knowledgeable,  i asked him how he was with AKs
Once again he was able to correct the problem quickly which was a trigger spring problem using tools on hand. I now had a second functioning rifle

I am a Sp Deputy U.S. Marshal and Tactical Medic on a Federal Task Force. I have encountered and worked with many firearms instructors, armorers and gunsmiths in law enforcement career and i must say Jimmy is a real talent and a true professional.  He saved me from a real pain in the ass with both rifles. This really brightened up my holiday weekend and I hope you will send him my regards and commendation

all the best