Of the words I could use to describe our experience at Gunforhire, such as, fantastic, superb, tremendous, phenomenal, or monumental, I’d have to choose supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!! Damien our instructor gave easily understandable instructions across the weapons we used. And some little hints on how we could improve our accuracy. The AK47 (7.62) was my favourite. Heavier than the AR15 (5.56) but just felt more secure with its added weight. The accuracy was a little better as well with the scope, and no doubt the extra oomph using a bigger calibration. The Glock 17 (handgun) was hard to use. Remember to Grip, flip, clip, rack the Glock if you go. Much harder than you see on the TV/Movies. And the longer I aimed it, the more I shook. Even trying to “get the drop in the bucket” when the drop was wobbling.

We chose the target sheets with the traditional round targets to shoot, so we could have a little competition to see who had the best shot. Which varied with the weapons. So I’d say it was a draw…..with the exception of the Barrett 50 cal.

It’s $20 a bullet, which are the as long as an adult hand. My son was eager to have a go, so I figured we may never have the opportunity to repeat the experience, let’s have three each.

Well I shot one round and he had five.

It’s like firing a canon. Double set of ear defenders required. In ear and over ear. It doesn’t have as big of a recoil as one may expect, but the noise and gas expulsion, wow. In terms of accuracy, frightening. As a novice shooter, over 50 yards I clipped the centre of the target.


Regardless of your views on guns, a visit to Gunforhire will be an education and make your previous opinions change for the better. We have no access to guns, as other countries do. We are fed an agenda through main stream media, which bares no resemblance to using a gun and understanding the ownership of guns. The experience has also added a new dimension to watching action movies, as I know a little more about weapons now.

All the staff were amazing. From my initial contact with Jimmy through until our goodbyes, everyone was exceptionally polite, helpful and most importantly friendly. All of which made for what was initially an anxious experience, to what was, after a week of New York sightseeing, the absolute best experience we had. Better than the One World Observatory even, which came in 2nd for us. Plan for a full day of fun. Easy to get to, bus from the Port Authority to Willowbrook Mall then an Uber to the range. Simple. Nearby eateries include Pizza Hut