Today my husband and I along with some friends went to Gun For Hire to try shooting for the 1st time. As we have flown over from the U.K. we weren’t sure what to expect. I had been in contact with Marvin via email prior to our trip and he was incredibly helpful. When we arrived Marvin wasn’t in but Matt was on hand and new about our arrival! We were greeted with a lovely and friendly welcome and made to feel at home. The girls behind the desk at the entrance were also lovely & welcoming. Once we had completed the paperwork we went around and picked our guns, targets and ammo with the advice of the staff as we were totally clueless. Marvin had arranged for us to be given souvenir t-shirts to take home with us which was an extra lovely gesture. Before we left we had to have a picture on the Vespa ( thanks Matt for taking this).
We all had a lovely time so thank you all very much!! Hopefully we’ll be back in the states in the future and will pop in.