Amazing experience
My husband and I along with 4 friends flew out to New York for the New Years celebrations. We hired a car and drove down to Gun For Hire on New Year’s Day. WOW! The staff are amazing and so welcoming. The girls at the concierge are so polite and the guys at the gun store & range are super helpful.
I had been in contact via email with Marvin before we arrived in the states about our plans to visit and when we arrived we were greeted by Matt who was expecting our arrival and was right on hand to assist us.
Once we completed the paperwork we went though and selected our guns, targets and were provided with safety equipment before going on to the range for some training on how to load, shoot and safely put down the guns. They guys really knew their stuff and were very patient with us all. I really liked how safe the process was, it was nice that the guns were put in locked cases to transport them to and from the range.

After our time on the range which was awesome we handed the guns & equipment back in the desk and they very kindly gave us ALL a tee-shirt to take home with us as a souvenir of our visit. We were then advised to go and wash our hands using the de-leading soap as some of the party were heading the airport that afternoon.

A photo on the Vespa is a must!