For my son’s 18th birthday he wanted to shoot. Did some research and found this range was one of the only ranges that rent guns and will allow my 18 year old to shoot. Called and spoke to Anthony who happens to be the owner. Drove over an hour from NY to get there and so happy we did. All the staff were great from beginning to end. Lots of staff, very safety oriented. Love that. My son and I had only shot 22s and shotguns at summer camp and my daughter had never shot any gun ever. Picked out a handgun and a rifle to try out as per the staff’s recommendations. Took a while to get the guns, they take safety very seriously, guns were given to us in LOCKED cases that only staff could open. We were shown to the range where we got a quick but thorough safety lecture and demo of how to operate the guns. Then the fun began. They were very helpful and patient as this was a first for us. All around great experience. Will definitely come back!!! Anthony, you have a first class operation here. My son was so thrilled, he had a memorable 18th birthday and for that sir I thank you and your great staff!!!