-Friendly and efficient front and retail desks
-Professional range safety officers/instructors
-Wide selection of weapons
-Clean facilities and restrooms
-Bit pricey for first timers and depending on which weapon and ammo combo you choose

So having last touched a rifle back in 2014, I suddenly got the itch to shoot. It’s inexplicable, but you know what I mean. Sometimes, you just gotta.

Anyway, we arrive there sometime around 1330, check in and fill out first time visit forms, waivers, etc.

We go up to the retail desk, and the person at the register was absolutely wonderful; I had a first time shooter with me, and she was patient and informative, really professional and personable. Later, when we came up to exchange weapons and return ammo due to time constraints, everyone there was enormously helpful and efficient, despite the fact that the line was over twenty people deep, which is huge.

Unfortunately, the wait was about an hour and a half or so. But, no one’s fault; we had arrived at the busiest day of the week at the busiest time, it could’ve been worse.

When we were called up to the lane, we were greeted by a gentleman named Brendan, who would be our range safety officer and intro course instructor. He was absolutely proficient, informative, and above all, friendly. Brendan was especially hands on and patient with my newbie friend, taking his time to make sure he grasped all the fundamentals of shooting. I could tell he’s a new employee; however, his conduct, demeanor, and professionalism would say otherwise. Half the experience was definitely made enjoyable because of him.

Overall, it was a great time and I’d definitely come here again.

Dave L – 5 Stars