I went to the range today for date night and the experience was great from start to finish. I have wanted to come to this range for quite some time and was finally able to do so. The staff is super friendly! As soon as we came in we were instantly attended and asked to fill out some paperwork so they could hand us our little cards. Once we finished with that we went to go get our gun rentals and ammo. The woman that attended us was very knowledgeable about guns and recommended that we try the 9mm pistol which we both did. We asked for an instructor since it was the first time we were both there and Tim was extremely helpful! He was very nice and patient when teaching us how to properly handle, load and unload the gun. We got one pack of 50 bullets and were able to go about 4-5 rounds or so each since we were at the same port together. If you’ve never shot a gun before the nerves will definitely kick in for the practice bullet and probably the first round but after that you get used to the little kick that the gun has. I would definitely recommend this place. My partner also loved this place and said he had such a better experience at Gun for Hire considering he went to a range in the Poconos and hated it there. I definitely want to come back here to work on my target skills.