To the Gun for Hire team,

It’s been an absolute pleasure being introduced to the world of firearms through your establishment.  The first time I fired a gun was in February of this year in the Basic Pistol class; fast forward eight months to me being a Platinum Member, spending 10+ hours a week at the range with sore arms, and becoming generally obsessed with the craft of marksmanship.  This excitement would not exist without the atmosphere you have created at GFH.

Every time I’m there, I’m greeted by at least a dozen people who are all genuinely excited about my intense interest and curiosity.  I can’t even begin to name everyone or this email will double in length.  You have all been so thoughtful in taking the time to teach me.  I learn something every time I’m there.  It’s a fantastic learning environment.  Urban Pistol 2 in November is next on my list.

And I haven’t even jumped into the world of AR’s yet.  I’ll be sleeping on the couch in the lounge at that point haha.

Thank you to everyone for allowing me to discover and cultivate a true passion.