So. Much. Fun.

I had to give this guy my number three times because I forgot to bring my membership card. Not complaining, he was really cute and I was secretly hoping that he’d have memorized my number by then so he can call me to hang out sometime. I hope he has good memory! Lol

We rented a 40 caliber gloc and a 45 caliber gloc and since we have this coupon, we were able to rent both guns for the price of one. Tip: come on a weekend and ask about this promo, come on a weekday to avail of the discount.

My friend bought earmuffs and glasses so she didn’t have to rent hers, but rental for these cost a little over $7. So if you know you’ll keep coming back, it’s worth buying your own. My friend also bought fun targets online so we didn’t have to buy from the range.

This time, I was able to try 15 yards and 20 yards without sucking at it and it was pretty fun. Someone in the range was shooting a desert eagle so I was a little distracted. The instructors made sure everyone was following protocol and it’s safe for everyone in the range to shoot. Michael was pretty helpful advising my friend how to hold the gun to have better aim. They’re all very friendly and helpful.

Besides working on my groupings, I’m starting to practice pacing my shots so I can aim and shoot with a time limit. Next time I’m going to book a personal instructor so I can advance my skills.

It’s a great skill to learn – safety above anything else and have fun with it! They have a wide range of guns to practice from. I personally like pistols but they have rifles too. Absolutely NO rapid firing – there really is no point to this. If you want to practice shooting, you want to practice your skill of aiming at the bullseye and rapid firing will not achieve this especially if you’ve never done this before.

What can I say, I love this sport and I hope to join groups to compete with in the future!