Overview: Excellent range, Excellent Staff and an Overall Fantastic experience. Even if prices are slightly better elsewhere, the quality of my experience will have me coming back here again hopefully soon.  BRET was an AWESOME instructor.
Our day: From walking through the door with my friend, we were greeted by the front desk for our 1st time registration cards.  After we filled out the necessary paperwork.  We went to the back to pay for our 1st rentals, Glock-19 / AR-15, ammo, safety gear (ear phones and glasses) and a 1-hour session in the 25-yard Range.  We walked into the range area with our firearms and were greeted by a Range Safety Officer (RSO), then assigned a lane.  Another RSO, Brett, was the one who gave my friend and myself our safety brief and instruction.  Brett was the thing that made our trip from NYC worth it and separated Guns for hire from other gun ranges.  After we finished our 1-hour session we got advice from Brett to go to the 50-yard range and asked if he can come with us after lunch and he did!!! After going to a place next door to eat. We came back to rent a precision rifle, a Remington .308.  It was Awesome!!!! Brett really stuck with us and gave us great pointers to get our accuracy to another level.  We are both so excited after our time at the GFH that my friend and I started to fill out a rifle and shotgun license application when we got home and started to plan our return trip.
Bottom Line: For 1st timers and people who have shot before, this is the range I would recommend going too.