This is my first time at a gun range on the east coast I also haven’t shot a gun in a few years. My dad and I came on a Sunday rainy day last Sunday in October. Youre immediately greeted when you enter and asked to fill out a form sadly I don’t even remsmber what was on if but following that we watched an video along with other people basically about the safety and rules in the gun range. Next we went on to pick out the guns we wanted to shoot with. For a first time visit it was about $200 maybe $220 with the rental of guns, targets, the glasses and ear Protectants. We had an amazing instructor by the name of Ginger who was extremely helpful and made us very comfortable. My Dad was so comfortable that after a while we were able to shoot on our own. I would definitely come back again. I felt extremely safe and really enjoyed myself. I also loved shooting with a Ruger 380 and with recommendation was open to trying out bigger guns with more power and now I’m in love. Thank you for a great experience.