My wife and I visited Gun for hire on a recomendation from my daughter. We were met at the front desk by two very friendly people who then gave us paperwork to fill out. We then were met by Anthony…the owner who escorted us to an awsome lounge, which not very many people get to see. After we were done filling out the forms. We then went to get ear and eye protection, again met more VERY. friendly, professional staff. We brought our own guns but my wife borrowed a 9mm M & P Shield and loved it. This range is AWSOME!! They have every gun you can think of including a 50cal. Barrett. (Hold on to it). The prices are super reasonable. The owner is way cool. and EVERYONE that we delt with were friendly and professional. This is a no B.S. Range so if your gonna come.,Listen, follow the instructions. Be safe and you will have a great time at one of the best ranges I have ever had the pleasure to visit.  THANKS LAURA. and Thanks to everyone who made our visit memorable.