On or last day on the east coast of our holiday trip (we, 4 people from Germany) decided to go shooting and we picked this location. We arrived with a bus near the location. After we arrived at the shooting range, we were really surprised by the friendly and helpful personal. Everyone was really nice and helped us with our “paperwork” (i guess they need it for legal reasons). I have to mention that we already booked something so that 2 persons can shoot with a handgun and an (i guess) ak47. We extended it by one person which was an option so that we can shoot altogether (the fourth person was not that much into shooting 😀 ). From the reception to the counter, where we got our weapons and stuff, to the instructor, everyone was nice to us and we felt very comfortable asking questions. The shooting was awesome! We never did this before and for me personally, it was one of the best experiences here. While we only booked one hour the instructor was so kind to let us shoot all the ammo we had (which was somewhere between enough and a lot) and we enjoyed it! After we shooting, everyone smiling, we also got 2 souvenirs for free (you can also buy cool stuff there) and then we asked at the reception for a guy who welcomed us and which whom we had a really nice talk and he offered us to take us to a nearby from where we can drive back to our hotel in Manhatten with the bus. It turned out that he was one of the managers (i guess) of the shooting range.

TLDR: we had a very nice and friendly experience from start to finish with all our wishes fulfilled and all our expectations exceeded 🙂