If you think you know, you have NO idea.  Want to pick up a new hobby?  Want to challenge yourself?  Want to be a badass and change your life?  Check out Gun For Hire in Woodland Park, New Jersey.  Make sure to say hello to Matt and Tony when you see them – they are responsible for running this highly successful venture and make themselves available to you to answer any questions you may have.

As soon as you walk in, you feel “part of the club.”  You are welcomed with open arms by the cordial and professional staff and you feel an overwhelming sense of mutual respect and camaraderie amongst the members, visitors and staff.

Never shoot a gun before?  No worries.  Grab one of their 5-star trainers, Tom or Jimmy, or, better yet, call ahead and book a one-on-one appointment/lesson with either of them as they are both in high demand, deservedly so.

The moment you step into the range, your life will be forever changed.  It is an empowering feeling that cannot sufficiently be put into words.  You must experience it first hand.  Whether it be for fun, work, sport, self-defense or no reason at all, give it a try.  Trust me.  You will thank me later.

I have had the privilege of being under the tutelage of both Tom and Jimmy, experts in their field with countless years of knowledge and training behind their belts (or holsters).  Listen, and you will learn.  Watch, and you will learn.  Shoot, and you will leave there your first day like I did, an official Member of Gun For Hire.