A Review From a Newbie:

A friend and I were always interested in shooting guns and seeing what it was all about. So we ended up searching it in Google and going to check it out.

First off the most important thing to put out there is how safe this place is. Everything from the application, to the safety video they play on loop while you wait for your stall to open (I can still here it in my head) to how they have a load of instructors just supervising the range to help out and take questions.

That leads me to my second point. My friend and I never felt intimidated by the staff or instructors here. This is an experience where it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or nervous but the friendly staff put that all to rest really quickly.

If your looking to try something new, and don’t mind super loud noises, I totally recommend this shooting range!

We already have gone back!

Jonathan K – 5 Stars