Can I give this place 6 stars? This review is for our semi-private session with Tom Giordano.

There’s 4 of us (2 friends have never tried shooting before). I reached out to Jimmy who connected me with Tom so we were coordinating before the holidays on what our options are, how much it would cost and how many people they can accommodate. Thank you for accommodating all of us on such short notice.

I have been shooting before but I found it helpful and informative to have the classroom session with Tom. He emphasized safety and the mechanics of the gun and how to hold it properly to minimize recoil / movement. This helps in precision shooting. I also learned what my dominant eye is so that’s what I use to aim better.

During live fire, tom would check in on me periodically and give me little tweaks to better my aim. My grouping is pretty good at 15 yards so he recommends next time I come in to have a private session so I can work on holster draws, and more fun targets.

With my friend’s membership, we ended up paying $70+. The membership is totally worth it – you get guest passes, 12 free gun rentals, discounts on port rentals, gear, ammos and targets.

I would love to continue working with Tom to better my skills.