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Beginner Gun Training Courses

These beginner courses are designed for someone who has never shot a firearm before and is looking to satisfy their curiosity as well as educate themselves on how to properly handle a firearm. We are a full time range and a full time training organization. This is not a hobby for us like others and it shows.

Since 1992 we have established an impressive list of satisfied students. We have worked very hard to develop the reputation that we enjoy. We will not and do not compromise our ethics or integrity for business. We will work hard to earn the privilege of adding your name to our list of satisfied students. Our instructors are leading the industry in firearm education and training. With decades of experience, awards, accolades and titles like NRA’s North East Regional Training Councilor. This means Gun For Hire trains others to become trainers.

Welcome to the Gun For Hire Family.

GFH Basic Pistol - Beginner Courses

NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting

If you didn’t know where to start, you’re at the right place.
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WOmens pistol course - Beginner Courses

Ladies only Basic Pistol

This is an awesome class to take with friends.
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Holster Draw - Beginner Courses

Holster Draw

Mandatory for anyone wishing to draw from a holster.
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Basic Rifle - Beginner Courses

NRA First Steps Rifle

Basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for handling a rifle safely.
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Build a beAR - Beginner Courses

GFH Build a beAR™

Build, and shoot your own AR rifle!
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Gun For Hire beginner shotgun 1 - Beginner Courses

NRA First Steps Shotgun

Incredibly exciting beginners shotgun course!
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Build a bolt action - Beginner Courses

Long Range Shooting

Introduction and Essentials
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Precision Rifle - Beginner Courses

Urban Precision Rifle 1

Are you ready to reach out past 1,000 yards?
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MultiCCW - Beginner Courses

Multi-State CCW

Carry in 33 States