Emergency Medical Response

Firearms Instructors and RSO’S spend years practicing their shooting skills and teaching techniques, but little to no time practicing on responding to medical emergencies. By not being medically trained or by not having the basic medical equipment to respond to range emergencies, the Firearms Instructor or RSO open themselves up to several areas of legal liability. What the Firearms Instructor or RSO does in the first minutes of a medical emergency on the range can make the difference between life and death or long term disability. The Gun For Hire Emergency Medical Response for the Range Safety Officer is an 8 hour course that will prepare you on how to respond to and treat medical emergencies you might encounter as an Instructor or RSO. “Upon successful completion, the student will leave with a nationally recognized certification (Bloodborne Pathogens.) The student will get to participate in several simulated range emergencies using hands-on skills and medical equipment.”

Course Pricing
$250 Walk in and Silver Members
$225 Red, White, & Blue and Gold Members save 10% off of the walk in price
$200 Platinum Members save 20% off of the walk in price