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GFH Basic Pistol and Florida CCW

This is an awesome class to take with friends. If you didn’t know where to start, you’re at the right place. This class teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for owning and operating a firearm safely. This course is 4 hours long and includes classroom and range time. You can use your Pistol or one that will supplied by us. You’ll learn the rules for safe gun handling, Pistol parts and operation, ammunition, shooting fundamentals, range rules, shooting two-handed standing positions, and continued opportunities for skill development. 

Upon completion of the Florida paperwork done with the officer during your class, you have
30 days to send a Check or Money Order in the amount of $97 for a 7-year application.
After 30 days you must redo your paperwork for submission.

***Member Discount Only Applies To The Member’s Ticket Price, Not Additional Students. Add the Member’s Ticket to the cart before you add the additional students.

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sat24aug9:00 am1:00 pmEvent OverNRA Basics of Pistol Shooting August 24th9:00 am - 1:00 pm Woodland Park Range, 1267 McBride Ave Woodland Park, NJ 07424

sun25aug9:00 am1:00 pmSold Out!NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting August 25th9:00 am - 1:00 pm Woodland Park Range, 1267 McBride Ave Woodland Park, NJ 07424

“Very informative and a good introduction to shooting safely.”

Hi Anthony, Thanks for your email. Yes – I enjoyed the class yesterday; it was very informative and a good introduction to shooting safely. I now feel confident enough to go to the range and practice independently. However, I know that this is only an introduction and want to come back for further classes. I just wish you were closer than the 2 hour drive! But it was well worth it and will be seeing you again in 4-6 weeks. Many thanks.


Prerequisites: None. The material is suitable for all, including appropriately supervised, mature children. Minimum age 21 years old.

Length of Course:

4.5 – 5 hours

Florida CCW requirements.

• Applicant must complete Gun For Hire Basic Pistol
• Applicant must be at least 21 years of age
• A valid US drivers license. Otherwise we need a copy of either your birth certificate, passport, or naturalization paper.
• Get verification of training that satisfies the training requirement. NRA, DD-14, state training course, etc. . Persons serving in the United States Armed Forces may submit a copy of their Military ID Card to satisfy the training requirement.

What to Bring:

• If you do not have a firearm, no problem, a selection will be supplied during the class at No additional charge.
• Have your own firearm? Great. Please bring it along
• This course is all inclusive – class – certificate – materials – range time – targets – eye and ear protection.
• Course Completion: Students will receive feedback on all live-fire exercises.
• Please wear comfortable clothing. No open-toed shoes.

What We Will Cover

• To teach the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for owning and using a rifle safely.
• Pistol knowledge, safe gun handling, ammunition knowledge, fundamentals of pistol shooting, two-handed shooting position, firing the first shots, cleaning, storage, pistol sports and activities.
• Students will receive feedback on all live-fire exercises.
• This course satisfies practical requirements for the Florida Non-Resident Concealed Carry Permit.

Instructor Bios:

All of our high-level courses are taught by experienced professionals with the credentials to prove it. They are all trained and certified by the N.J. Police Training Commission, N.J. Department of Criminal Justice, and possess Federal Law Enforcement Instructor Certifications. They are experts in N.J. Use of Force Policies, and are always updating the course material with the latest use of force guidelines and case law. At Gun For Hire, this is not a “hobby”, but a full-time, legitimate vocation. Any “instructor” can teach you something, but only a select few can teach you the “why” or the “root of law” to justify your actions. If you were to use your newly acquired skills and were required to justify your actions, Gun For Hire instructors are ready, willing, and able to testify in your defense, as long as you had followed the training and procedures we provided. It does you, and your loved ones, no good if you survive the fight but have spend the next thirty years in prison because of the wrong advice you were given by a part-time amateur “instructor”.


Wayne Monico

Retired at the rank of sergeant in 2010 after serving 25 years with the Fort Lee police department in New Jersey. During his time with [...]

John Uzzalino

John has been a Police Officer with the Woodland Park Police Dept. for over 20 years and is currently a Detective Captain. He is a [...]

Jimmy Grammenos

Jimmy started with Gun For Hire in 2008. He has ascended from Instructor to Senior Instructor to Senior Manager/ Director of Training. As Director of [...]

Tony Urena

Antonio “Tony” Urena Tactical Firearms Instructor Tony is a veteran law enforcement officer with over 20 years experience. He is currently the training officer for [...]

Bob Prause

Bob is a former United States Marine and Veteran Law Enforcement Officer with 25 years of experience. He brings a vast amount of “real world” [...]

What To Take Next

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Disclaimer: In an effort to keep all of our students safe course objectives and drills are subject to change.