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Our courses are designed for a college student, a senior, or a business owner looking to know a few life saving skills. These courses will educate you on how to avoid bad situations, to recognize them before they happen, and to get you out of a bad situation.

Protective Cane

Speak softly but carry a big stick!

Protective Pen

The pen is a weapon capable of incapacitating attackers.

Protective Pen 2

Use a pen to strike against multiple assailants.

Protective Knife

Use a pen to strike against multiple assailants.

Refuse to be a Victim

Improve your personal safety strategies.

Active Shooter

Learn how to respond, fight, or flee any active shooter situation.

Tactical Mindset

Protect your child from being bullied.

Civilian Mace

Learn the best techniques to use pepper spray.

Defensive Flashlight

Protect Yourself with Light

Terrorism Awareness

Improve Situational Awareness

Executive Protection 1

This is an awesome class to take with friends.

Executive Protection 2

Advanced training in the executive and dignitary protection field.

Self Defense Pistol

Exclusive course built off of real situations.