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Gun For Hire’s Guys Night Out

Dinner is On Us!
Boys Club – Guys Only Meet, Greet & Shoot!

Introducing Boys Club at America’s only 6-Star Gun Range Gun For Hire!

Get locked and loaded, fellas! It’s time to unleash your inner marksman and have a blast at the shooting range. Gather your crew, grab your favorite firearms, and get ready for an epic guys night out that’s guaranteed to leave a trail of gunpowder and high-fives. Whether you’re a sharpshooter or a beginner, this ain’t your average Guys Night Out. So, prepare to fire up your competitive spirits, challenge each other to precision tests, and feel the exhilarating rush as each bullet hits its target. It’s time to put your aim to the test, bond with your bros, and create memories that will make everyone else wish they were part of your legendary guys night out!

We provide top-of-the-line firearms, expert instructors, and a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. No prior experience is necessary! Our instructors will provide you with everything you need to know to feel confident and in control while handling a firearm.

So bring your friends and join us for a unique and unforgettable night at Gun For Hire.


• Tuesday, April 9th
• 5:30pm-8:30pm

Guys Night Out Details:

• Gun For Hire will be providing dinner for all attendees. 
• No experience necessary! First time shooters will have a blast!
• We have everything you need! You only need to bring a Gov ID like a drivers license or passport!
• Private Range will be closed for Guys Night Out Event!
• Port Time included in admission! You just cover anything additional you may need. Gun rentals, instruction, ammo, targets, eye and ear protection…

Guys arriving with their own firearms:

• If you are coming with firearms, no problem!
• You will enjoy Free Port Time! If needed, you cover the ammo, eye and ear protection and targets.
• You can have up to 3 people in the port with you. (Please Note: As tickets are limited, each individual person must register below.)

Guys arriving with no firearms:

• If you are arriving with no firearms, no problem!
• You must bring a friend as we do not allow solo shooters.
• Free Port Time! You just cover the rentals, ammo, instruction, eye and ear protection and targets.
• You can have up to 3 people in the port with you. (Please Note: As tickets are limited, each individual person must register below.)
• For those shooting for the first time we have a ready to go package which includes everything you need to have a great time! Including professional one on one instruction in the range and most popular rentals (PC Carbine 9mm and a Glock 9mm pistol)! This Boys Club package for 2 shooters is approximately $95 per person (taxes and fees included).

Due to the style of the event, we are limiting tickets. Please register below. Registration fee is $30, however you will receive FREE port time when you arrive. All members of your party must pre-register ahead of time.

*No refunds or cancellations.

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The Best Firearm Instructors

If you’re looking for the best Firearm Instructors delivering the best Firearms Education, Gun For Hire is incomparable.
Since 1992, we have been the Gold Standard for Firearms Training. Our Instructors have over 375 combined years of Military and Police training.
NRA Fact: So many students have trusted us to train them that we are only second to the Boy Scouts of America.
If you have any questions regarding Gun For Hire Courses or you would like to schedule a private lesson, please send Tony Urena our Director of Training an email. We look forward to welcoming you to the family!
Tony - Boys Club

Tony Urena Director of Training

Tony is a United States Navy Veteran as well as a Veteran Law Enforcement Officer with over 25 years of experience. During his illustrious career he was the training officer for his department, and was responsible for their bi-annual qualifications and training for approximately 100 law enforcement officers. Tony was also state certified in all aspects of firearms training which included handguns, shotguns, sub-guns, semi and automatic rifles, as well as scoped rifles. In addition, Tony was qualified to testify as a firearms expert, as well as in the “Use of Force”. Tony is also a high level martial artist, with well over 30 years of training, and was a state certified Defensive Tactics Instructor.

You will not find a more loyal and passionate group of instructors that are so committed to ensuring you feel safe, comfortable and excited. Not only do they have the decades of on the job training they also have decades of teaching and interacting with every level of student.
Let’s get started! Make the call, stop in or shoot us email! We are looking forward to welcoming you to the family.