If you are already in our system and a Silver Member, choose this option! Silver Membership is perfect for the casual shooter. Check out all the benefits below which will save you over $390 per year! (Which does NOT include all the money you will save on the membership ammo discounts!)  This Membership is honored at Gun For Hire’s 5 star range located in Woodland Park, NJ.


Sliver Benefits
• Member ID Card
• Custom lapel pin unique to Silver Members
• Reduced Range Fees $15 per hour per lane – 25 yard-range
• Reduced Range Fees $20 per hour per lane – 50 yard-range
• Reduced Guest Fees $10 each additional guest – 25 yard-range
• Reduced Guest Fees $10 each additional guest – 50 yard-range
-Note: three-person limit (member and two guests) at any port


• 12 free rentals from our gun library ($240 value)
– Limit of one firearm at a time
– Must purchase appropriate ammunition at time of rental (remember that members get special pricing on all ammo)
• 3 free guest passes per year ($75 value)
• 3 free gift passes per year ($75 value)
• Member pricing on range ammunition.
• Member pricing on any additional rentals from our gun library
• Members can Pre-load their account.  Just as fast a you load your revolver you can now load your account with any dollar amount. Now your trips on the register line are as fast as your draw. During your next visit just provide a credit card or cash, tell us the amount to keep in your account and your off to the ports!

Total Silver Level Membership Savings – Over $450+ not including ammo discounts.