Prepping Lvl 2

Students are expected to attend with their evacuation ‘Grab-n-Go’ bag (if you don’t know what that is, or what should be in it, you should take the Level 1 Prepping class). Bag content will be evaluated and utilized during class.
This is an outdoor, rain or shine event. You should base your equipment needs on that, and on the information found below.

Class begins as a drill… Based upon contact information and estimated travel times, each student will be called on the morning of class and given the class location. Ample time will be given for each student to “evacuate their home” and travel to the class location. (For example, if you live 30 minutes from the class location, you will be called 45 minutes before class start time. If you live 1 hour from class, you will be called 75 minutes before class start time.) If you arrive to class on time, your “evacuation” will be deemed successful.

Once on location, class will begin with a discussion of the evacuation experience. Students will then engage in hands-on lessons to learn; how to locate, collect, and treat water for drinking; how to properly identify and forage 5 common wild edibles (along with identifying and avoiding 3 poisonous plants) while learning the Universal Edibility Test; how to tie several knots and lashings, which will be used to construct an emergency shelter; whittling with a knife for the construction of deadfall traps utilizing 2 trigger assemblies; and how to successfully build a fire.

When you sign up for class, it is imperative that you provide us with the address that will be your point of origin on the day of class, if it will be other than your home address (i.e. work, relative, significant other). This will allow for accurate travel time assessment. Additionally, you must provide a phone number so the instructor can contact you with instruction the morning of class.

Course Pricing