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Advanced Gun Training

It is an amazing feeling to go through our Urban Course series! There is no comparison to the thrill and excitement you will experience when you’re going through our drills! This advanced gun training is exclusive to Gun For Hire and is built on the 300+ combined years of knowledge from our incomparable instructors. 

Pistol 2 - Expert Courses

Urban Pistol 2

This pistol course is not for the faint of heart.
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MultiCCW - Expert Courses

Multi-State CCW

Carry in 33 States
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Urban Carbine 2 - Expert Courses

Urban Carbine 2

 This is an incredible heart-racing course.
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Urban Shotgun - Expert Courses

Urban Shotgun 2

Get introduced to new high-level shooting drills!
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Urban Pistol 3 - Expert Courses

Urban Pistol 3

Want to push your weapon manipulation skills to our top level?
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Urban Carbine 3 - Expert Courses

Urban Carbine 3

This course is not for the faint hearted or new shooter..
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Ultimate Urban mini - Expert Courses

Ultimate Urban

Built on a Team Dynamic that will simulate real life situations.
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Build a bolt action - Expert Courses

Long Range Shooting

Introduction and Essentials
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Precision Rifle - Expert Courses

Urban Precision Rifle 1

Are you ready to reach out past 1,000 yards?
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