Intro to Tactical Long Range Shooting Essentials 

Course Description: 

Have you ever dreamed of shooting past 1,000 yards? Let Gun For Hire help you turn your dream into reality! Are you unsure of your gear and it’s capabilities? Have you ever purchased something and then came to the realization that this may have been a huge mistake, and it’s now going to cost me double to get it right??

This is a great course for the unique individual who is looking to get started and wants to get it right the first time, or to assist someone who already has the correct gear and is looking to upgrade. This course will help you understand the Pro’s and Con’s of what is really needed to “stretch” out your rifles capabilities.

Have Gun For Hire assist you in “DOPE”ing in your rifle!

FYI: If you don’t understand the acronym “D.O.P.E.” this is the class for you!

Once you have read the additional information below, if you still have any questions, please email for any additional questions.

Course Pricing
$375 – Includes Seminar

$525 – Includes Seminar and 2 hour private Consultation **This Private “one on one” would be scheduled for future date based on student and instructor availability. The private consultation will include a review of the choices for components for your custom rifle or your existing rifle and equipment.**

“Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”

This course will save you hundreds, if not thousands, by doing it right “The First Time” 

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None, This course will serve as one of the Prerequisite to Urban Precision Rifle 1. (Coming Soon)


Length of Course:

6-8 hours Seminar Course


What to Bring:

• Note Pad & Pen
• Laptop (Optional)


What We Will Cover

• What is Considered Long Range
• Bolt Action Vs Semi Auto
• Custom Building Vs Buying off the shelf
• Caliber Selection
• Chassis Systems
• Custom Actions
• Barrels
• Triggers
• Optics
• Data Equipment
• Additional Accessories (Bipods, Spotting Scopes, Chronograph, Range Finder, Etc)
• And Much More


Instructor Bios:

Special Guest Instructors:
Michael Fiesta:
Owner Tier One Defense
Precision rifle builder
Military Veteran

Armed govt contractor for FBI Newark office
10 year LEO (patrol, esu and surveillance,
PTC certified firearms instructor in handgun, shotgun, patrol rifle and subgun)
Blackwater Sniper School graduate
Rifle building expert, apprenticed under machinist who worked for Hart and Shilen barrels. My mentor/benefactor also closely worked with Ferris Pindell (creator of 6ppc round) 

Kevin Gilchrist:
Owner Tier One Defense

Sergeant Gilchrist,
Has been full time with the Springfield Police Department for 12 years and received multiple commendations.  He has been the head certified law enforcement firearms instructor in his department for the past 10 years.  Kevin has also been a sub machine gun instructor since 2010, and an assault rifle instructor since 2011. He recently just became a sniper observer in 2016.  Kevin’s vast experience and abundant knowledge makes him one of the foremost authorities in firearms instruction.

Kevin has been requested to assist in all of New Jersey Department of Criminal Justice firearms classes at Fort Dix NJ and spends several weeks a year instructing fellow Law Enforcement Officer in becoming instructors in the areas of assault rifle, subgun and precision rifle.

Kevin was part of the Union County Emergency Response Team (UCERT) from 2009-2016.

All of our high-level courses are taught by experienced professionals with the credentials to prove it. They are all trained and certified by the N.J. Police Training Commission, N.J. Department of Criminal Justice, and possess Federal Law Enforcement Instructor Certifications. They are experts in N.J. Use of Force Policies, and are always updating the course material with the latest use of force guidelines and case law. At Gun For Hire, this is not a “hobby”, but a full-time, legitimate vocation. Any “instructor” can teach you something, but only a select few can teach you the “why” or the “root of law” to justify your actions. If you were to use your newly acquired skills and were required to justify your actions, Gun For Hire instructors are ready, willing, and able to testify in your defense, as long as you had followed the training and procedures we provided. It does you, and your loved ones, no good if you survive the fight but have spend the next thirty years in prison because of the wrong advice you were given by a part-time amateur “instructor”.



What To Take Next

• Urban Carbine 1
• Urban Precision Rifle 1 (Coming Soon)

Disclaimer: In an effort to keep all of our students safe course objectives and drills are subject to change.