Psychology and Firearms

In this class, Dr. Pirelli tackles the tough questions head-on: What psychological factors are associated with high-profile shooting cases? What is mental illness? Which diagnoses and symptoms are related to firearm-related violence and suicide? What does the law say about psychological problems and firearm ownership? What might lead a new applicant to be flagged or a permit holder’s firearms to be revoked? How does someone stay psychologically healthy to ensure firearm safety? These questions and more will be addressed in this cutting-edge course that promotes the mental health aspects of firearm competence. You will learn about psychological issues associated with the improper use of firearms, such as mental illness, substance use, violence, and suicide. You will also learn self-care techniques to utilize if you recognize mental health concerns in yourself or others. In addition, the mental health components of the existing and proposed firearm laws in New Jersey will be discussed. This interactive class is for everyone interested in developing their firearm competence: from those who have never handled a firearm to those with extensive experience.

This course is taught by Gianni Pirelli, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist in New Jersey (#4975) and New York (#019418). Dr. Pirelli has extensive training and experience in Forensic Psychology. He conducts psychological evaluations in criminal and civil matters, including firearm-related assessments. He has published extensively in the area of forensic mental health assessment and he has taught numerous courses at the post-doctoral, graduate and undergraduate levels.

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