Psychology and Law Enforcement

Well-trained law enforcement and correctional officers are prepared to handle any and all situations that come their way. In addition to tactical training, mental health training is essential because officers mainly rely on interpersonal skills to function effectively on the job. The modern day officer is psychologically-minded, equipped with an awareness of mental health issues relevant to civilian and officer populations. Dr. Pirelli addresses these issues and more in this interactive course that promotes officers’ professional competence, psychological awareness, and mental health. It is for all officers committed to continuing education and refining their skills.

This course is taught by Gianni Pirelli, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist in New Jersey (#4975) and New York (#019418). Dr. Pirelli has extensive training and experience in Forensic Psychology. He conducts psychological evaluations in criminal and civil matters, including firearm-related assessments. He has published extensively in the area of forensic mental health assessment and he has taught numerous courses at the post-doctoral, graduate and undergraduate levels.

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