Gun For Hire is hands down New Jersey’s (maybe the country’s, maybe the world’s) nicest indoor shooting range!!  If you’re reading this it means you’re wondering if you should visit the range.  The answer is YES. 100% absolutely YES.  Friendly, extremely knowledgeable staff that excel at making first time to very advanced shooters feel safe, comfortable and confident in their surroundings so you can focus on the fun and excitement!! (All the while being safe safe safe!!)

Team member Mike C. had the focus of a zen master firearms trainer.  He was RO in our range tonight and while he’s helping me zero in my new red dot, he’s catching other shooters and stopping them before they break any rules or do something unsafe.  Literally he has eyes in the back of his head or something!  But I’ll also say that despite him not really being able to focus 1:1 with me, he helped me accomplish exactly what I was trying to do all while keeping the range safe and being courteous, professional and firm with me or anyone else that needed to be coached. I’m very impressed!!

Ed C – 5 Stars