Dear Anthony Colandro,

The Woodland Park Municipal Alliance Against Drug and Alcohol
Abuse could not thank you enough for your more than generous donation
of $750 for National Night Our. The funds we received from you and
various other donators helped make this night a success for out residents
and community members.
This night that you helped make possible will make Woodland Park
a better place to live and conduct business! Our events have had an
all-around true Community Feeling. People receiving anti-drug/alcohol
education and being able to socialize with their neighbors makes for a
“we’re all in this together” type of attitude.
Without your generosity, we would not be able to provide our residents
the enjoyment and education they deserve. It is only with the support of
donations like the one you made that we can continue to provide wonderful
events for the residents of Woodland Park.

Thank you,
Dina Bargirl, President and Michele Bolen, Coordinator
Woodland Park Municipal Alliance