The experience was beyond my expectations.

I wanted to send a note your way to personally thank you, Bob and Mike for what I think is an essential course for any long range shooter. From the instructional components to the range time in the mountain, the experience was beyond my expectations. Now as you know I occasionally hunt, but my handling of my rifle was just to be a responsible shooter, find my target, know my target and beyond, shoot straight and drop the animal. Then I would pass the rifle back to my husband and he did all the mechanics. I never even had to load my rifle, I never zeroed in a rifle, didn’t know a turret, what’s parallax, MOA, mils. Nothing. Never had to shoot an animal beyond 150 yards. And then I get talked into this course, me,  at the age of 53 when the brain cells are dying out quickly and CMS (can’t remember shit) is coming on strong. What was I thinking. But I'm not a quitter, although I came close this time. And then I'm presented with a Saber M700 for Mother’s Day, of course, lol. Purchased a Riton scope and boom, I’m ready! ????. SMH So now I’m months away from the shoot, I’ll get to know my rifle, of which NEVER happened. Fast forward I’m now three days before the course, I start planning my gear, bullets etc, All along the way I'm clearly thinking that this was a very bad idea. I am going to be ridiculous on the mountain. D-Day- Saturday morning, after not sleeping because failure was convincing me my reach is beyond my grasp, I struggled out of bed and headed over to class. There’s Mike, Bob and you, [...]