Staccato Day header fb - Gun For Hire x Staccato - Tuesday, September 19th

Gun For Hire

Staccato Range Day

Get ready for a day of adrenaline! Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a beginner, Gun For Hire’s Staccato Day will offer the perfect opportunity to educate yourself with all 5 Staccato models. Talk with the Staccato pros and discover what model is right for you then head to the range for a test drive! We will also have plenty of Staccatos for sale that day!

Staccato Day at Gun For Hire is open to everyone! Just RSVP below! 

When, Where, What Time:

• Tuesday September 19th
• Gun For Hire 1267 McBride Avenue, Woodland park, NJ 07424
• 4pm – 8pm

Details for the Day

• Members and Non Members will check in at Concierge once you arrive
• All 5 Staccato models will be here for you to review and shoot!
• No port time fees!
• Just cover the Ammo ($5 per mag) and eye and ear rental protection if needed.
• First 100 GFH Members to arrive for the event receive 10 rounds free! Each additional magazine will be $5
• Members no charge for eye and ear protection

Solo Shooters:

• Please note no solo shooters. You must come with a friend. If you do come alone you must bring a firearm and some ammo for insurance reasons.


Members & Non-Members: FREE
*First 100 members to show up on Staccato Day will receive 10 free rounds to shoot in their favorite Staccato.

Ammo Fee: $5 per 10 rounds
* When you arrive please check in and visit the retail counter. Purchase as many (10 rounds) you would like for $5 each.  You will enter the range with your ticket in exchange for your rounds.

“He engages the class well and keeps everyone involved.”

Last night I attended the Basic Pistol class with Tony. Even though this class is geared for beginning shooters and I have been a gun owner since 1983, the class was very informative and I learned a lot. Tony has a great teaching style that made learning a serious topic fun and easy to understand. He engages the class well and keeps everyone involved. During the live fire session Anthony worked with me and helped me overcome some bad habits I’ve developed over the years and he also has a nice approach to teaching firearms safety and handling. I also observed both Anthony and Tony taking first-time shooters from nervous first trigger pulls to consistent groupings. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. Last week I also took the UT & FL non-resident CCW courses. He also has a great presentation style and managed to get a room full of applicants trained and processed promptly. Your Gun For Hire  facility is also first class. It’s clean and welcoming. Most indoor ranges I’ve been to are dark and not user-friendly. GFH stands head and shoulders above the competition. Thanks again for offering this opportunity to the public to increase firearms safety and skills. I look forward to another class soon.

Kevin K.

“The minute I walked in we were greeted and welcomed like family.”

“The minute I walked in we were greeted and welcomed like family. I never thought businesses did that anymore it was truly refreshing for my son and I to experience that type of environment. Even the owner came over and welcomed us to the family. We’re new gun owners and didn’t know much about what we bought. I was a bit embarrassed but that was put to rest the minute we met the instructors. Not only did these guys know there stuff they knew how to deliver it to the entire class. I am truly fortunate we began at Gun For Hire. Next up Holster draw! Anthony please feel free to use this on your site or email” – Sincerely John & Sebastian

Sebastian L.

“Highly recommend taking an NRA Basics Pistol Course.”

“Highly recommend taking an NRA Basics Pistol course. It’s a great experience and makes you much more educated on the topic. It’s also a lot of fun! Taught by ex-military and retired police (and some both!), they are very friendly and willing to share their great experience and knowledge with you to dispel myths and irrational fear about firearms. Hell, they might even improve your shooting, too. (No guarantees)! Thanks to Gun For Hire in Woodland Park, NJ. Thanks, Tony, Doug, Guy, and Moe for your military service and continuing education. #gunforhirerange”

Studio D.

“Hands On Is The Way T GO.”

I just completed the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course.  We were given appropriate materials, including a text with all the power point slides for future reference.  The instructors, Mo, Doug, and Guy were great.  They answered any and all questions, kept the course interesting, and were professional in every way.  The live fire part put to use the classroom instruction we had just received.  Hands on is the way to go.  I am looking forward to my next course, the Holster Draw, of course expecting the same professional training.  GFH provides the latest information on regulations and necessary training to be confident and safe in using firearms for protection and recreational shooting.
Allan E.

The Best Firearm Instructors

If you’re looking for the best Firearm Instructors delivering the best Firearms Education, Gun For Hire is incomparable.
Since 1992, we have been the Gold Standard for Firearms Training. Our Instructors have over 375 combined years of Military and Police training.
NRA Fact: So many students have trusted us to train them that we are only second to the Boy Scouts of America.
If you have any questions regarding Gun For Hire Courses or you would like to schedule a private lesson, please send Tony Urena our Director of Training an email. We look forward to welcoming you to the family!
You will not find a more loyal and passionate group of instructors that are so committed to ensuring you feel safe, comfortable and excited. Not only do they have the decades of on the job training they also have decades of teaching and interacting with every level of student.
Let’s get started! Make the call, stop in or shoot us email! We are looking forward to welcoming you to the family.