1 Yr. Gold Membership with Spouse



This option includes 2 Gold Memberships! The second Gold Membership is 50% off and must be purchased for your spouse / domestic partner.

Gold Membership is perfect for the serious shooter. Check out all the benefits below which will save you over $780 per year! (Which does NOT include all the money you will save on the membership ammo discounts!)  This Membership is honored at Gun For Hire’s 6 star range located in Woodland Park, NJ.

Gold Benefits
• Member ID Card
• Custom lapel pin unique to Gold Members
• Invitation to Gold only events
• Reduced Range Fees $10 per hour per lane – 25 yard-range
• Reduced Range Fees $15 per hour per lane – 50 yard-range
• Reduced Guest Fees $10 each additional guest (two guest limit per port for a total of three people – one member and two guests)
• Reduced Guest Fees Your choice of 25 or 50 yd. port

• 24 free rentals from our gun library (a $480 value)
– Limit of one firearm at a time
– Must purchase appropriate ammunition at time of rental (remember that members get special pricing on all ammo)
• 6 free guest passes per year (a $150 value)
• 6 free gift passes per year (a $150 value)
• Member pricing on range ammunition
• Priority queues (shorter waiting, more shooting! Gold members move to every other top slot on the list)
• Your children aged 8 to 13 shoot free
• 10% discount on all GFH classes (cannot be combined with any other offer or discount)
• Member pricing on any additional rentals from our gun library.
• Members can now Pre-load their account.  Just as fast a you load your revolver you can now load your account with any dollar amount. Now your trips on the register line are as fast as your draw. During your next visit just provide a credit card or cash, tell us the amount to keep in your account and you’re off to the ports!

Gold Membership Return Policy:
Any Membership can be returned within 5 days of purchase for; 1) 50% of the cost of membership minus savings via same payment method or;  2) 100% of memberships minus savings via a store credit.   

Total Individual Gold Level Membership savings: Over $780 not including ammo and GFH class discounts. Plus adding a spouse / domestic partner saves you 50% off the regular Gold Membership price!

Additional information

Giving as a gift?

If you choose to give this as a gift. We will print out your cards and put them inside our gift envelope which features information about the range. If this is just for you we will keep this at the range for you to pick up or use on your first visit.


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