There’s not one of these classes that I didn’t learn something new in.

When the range near my home in Bayonne closed down I decided to give Gun for Hire a try and I loved it.I became a member in June.Since then I have completed Urban carbine 1-3 and pistol 1-3,and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for giving us the platform to have these types of classes here in the people's republic of NJ.Your instructors John,Bobby and Tony do a great job running those classes there's is not one of those classes that I didn't learn something new in and I recommend them to every 2A person that will listen.I am looking forward to retaking them in the new year and any new additions you guys come up with.

John Uzzalino

John has been a Police Officer with the Woodland Park Police Dept. for over 20 years and is currently a Detective Captain. He is a PTC Certified Firearms Instructor and has attended several firearms tactical courses as well as Active Shooter preparation courses. He has been trained as a SWAT operator and holds several armorer certifications. John handles the Advanced Firearms training for his department and is a Gun for Hire Instructor in all of our exclusive courses.

Jimmy Grammenos

Jimmy started with Gun For Hire in 2008. He has ascended from Instructor to Senior Instructor to Senior Manager/ Director of Training. As Director of Training, he not only designs Gun For Hire Academy's curriculum, but sets the day to day course schedule and teaches as well. His love for shooting has propelled him to learn as much as he can about the subject. Through this journey, Jimmy has earned many certifications in both training and as an armorer. He is an NRA Training Counselor in all disciplines as well as a Chief Range Safety Officer. Jimmy also heads our exclusive Build a beAR™ Course, Since 2010, he has built over 600 Rifles with Students.

Tony Urena

Antonio “Tony” Urena Tactical Firearms Instructor Tony is a veteran law enforcement officer with over 20 years experience. He is currently the training officer for his department, and is responsible for their bi-annual qualifications and training for approximately 100 law enforcement officers. Tony is also state certified in all aspects of firearms training which includes handguns, shotguns, sub-guns, semi and automatic rifles, as well as scoped rifles. In addition, Tony is qualified to testify as a firearms expert, as well as in the "Use of Force". Tony is also a high level martial artist, with well over 30 years of training, and is a state certified Defensive Tactics Instructor. Prior assignments for Tony have been as leader of the narcotics squad and as a member of the Passaic County SWAT team. In his 14 plus years as a member of Passaic County SWAT, Tony had the roles of point entry, squad leader, sniper team leader, and assistant team leader. “Combat Mindset is the key in any training!”

Bob Prause

Bob is a former United States Marine and Veteran Law Enforcement Officer with 25 years of experience. He brings a vast amount of “real world” tactical knowledge to the Gun For Hire team. Some of Bob’s prior assignments include Captain in charge of the Passaic County narcotics and violent street gang task forces. Bob also served 14 years as a operator and senior operator on the Passaic County Special Weapons Team (SWAT), serving in the capacity of point entry, sniper, sniper team leader, team leader and overall team commander. He planned and executed over 500 high risk operations. Bob is a certified law enforcement firearms instructor and holds instructor certifications in submachine gun, assault rifle and precision scoped rifle.

Thomas E. Giordano

Tom served with the Rutgers University Police Department in New Brunswick, NJ for 25 years, retiring in 2003. During his police career Tom served as a patrol officer, squad supervisor, firearms instructor, training officer, police academy instructor, division commander, and deputy chief of police. His police service also included 18 years as a member of the Middlesex County Special Operations and Response Team as a police marksman, firearms instructor, squad leader (snipers), and deputy team commander. Since retiring from law enforcement Tom has served as an emergency management official for the NJ Office of Emergency Management (2004-2008) and Seton Hall University (2008-2016). Tom received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Rutgers University (1976) and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy (1994). Tom has been a firearms instructor since 1983, providing firearms training to police, Boy Scouts, and private persons. Firearms related training courses he has attended include: • Firearms Instructor Course, Federal Bureau of Investigation 1983 • Methods of Instruction Course, Middlesex County Police Academy 1983 • Pistol Armorer School, Smith & Wesson Academy 1988 • Tactical Handgun Course, Smith & Wesson Academy 1988 • Advanced Rifle Marksmanship Course, New Jersey National Guard 1989 • Scope-Sighted Rifle Course, Smith & Wesson Academy 1990 • Police Service Rifle Instructor Course, NJ Division of Criminal Justice 1991 • Shotgun Instructor Course, Smith &Wesson Academy 1991 • Police Long Rifle Certification Course, International Association of Chiefs of Police 1991 • Reduced Light Level Firearms Training Course, Smith &Wesson Academy 1993 • Law Enforcement Rifle Instructor Development School, National Rifle Association 1993 • Firearms Course, FBI National Academy 1994 • Sniper Basic Course, Federal Bureau of Investigation 1995 • Firearms Instructor Recertification, Federal Bureau of Investigation [...]