Hi Jimmy

I just wanted to take a minute to thank Tom, “Uzzi” (I believe Lt. John) and yourself for a great experience.  My wife was expectedly a bit apprehensive about going but she thoroughly enjoyed it and got an incredible amount of information from Tom.  With two little kids in the house and a new firearm, Tom made us feel much more comfortable with our decision about gun ownership.  He’s a consummate professional and hope he has a good long tenure there with you guys.

As for the range session, again, my wife Andrea, whom you instructed,  surprised me again.  She liked the revolver best.  Not the Glock or my Browning.  She especially liked the site on the Glock and wanted to know if this was an aftermarket site or if it was stock.  She said it had cross hairs of some sort on them.

Again, thanks for the great experience and the great work you guys do.

-Michael B